Как читать медиа?

Digital etiquette

Sometimes we can offend other people with our comments, inappropriate reposting, and photos. And all we have to do is not forget about the rules of digital etiquette — they are elementary.

The cartoons were created by BFM studio for "The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?", a project of the Goethe Institute in Moscow and the portal COLTA.RU with the support of the European Union.

The scripts were prepared by Julia Krutova. Directors and animators — Leonid Shmelkov, Evgeny Fadeev, Anna Kadykova. Sound director — Alexander Chirkov. Line producer — Taisia Shlepneva, project producer — Victor Fedoseev, curator — Irina Khodyreva. Vadim Medvedev is the voice of the videos.

*Video in Russian with English subtitles. 

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