Как читать медиа?

Webinars on creating media for teens

Webinars on creating media for teens

Апреля 2020

Media literacy workshops “The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?” passed in 15 cities of Russia. During this time, almost 500 children, under the guidance of media trainers, realized their creative ideas. Now, during quarantine, project training goes online. Presenters Irina Khodyreva, Alexander Gorelov, Irina Neustroeva will hold a series of webinars for teenagers, where they will teach them how to make movies on a smartphone, make cartoons, record podcasts, talk about shooting in 360 ° format and aerial photography using a drone. This knowledge will help children effectively conduct video blogs and creatively present themselves on social networks. Children can participate in webinars with their parents.


7.04 - We shoot movies on a smartphone

Presenters: Irina Khodyreva, Alexander Gorelov

At the webinar, the trainers will tell you why creating a video using a smartphone is cool, share knowledge and tricks from the “big movie”, help them to shoot video on a mobile phone, and talk about useful applications for shooting and editing.

14.04 - How to create cartoons with improvised means

Presenter: Irina Neustroeva

Irina will tell you with the help of which programs and devices to make cartoons, in what techniques they are easiest to create, how to make heroes and scenery from the most ordinary stationery, and how to apply all this knowledge at home, making cartoons for yourself or with children. It is recommended that all participants in the webinar install the Doll Animation application or Stop Motion Studio for iOS and Android on a smartphone or tablet in advance.

04.21 - DIY podcasts

Presenter: Irina Khodyreva

Irina will share simple rules that are important to remember when preparing a podcast, talk about useful applications and programs, advise where and how to publish her podcast on the network.

04.04 - Video in 360 ° format and aerial photography from drones

Presenter: Alexander Gorelov

Alexander will tell you where and why to shoot a video in 360 ° format, explain about the shooting features, show aerial photography from drones, tell you how to make a beautiful story and observe etiquette, and share the basic rules of a successful flight. It is recommended that all participants in the webinar install the YouTube application on their smartphone or tablet in advance to demonstrate the capabilities of 360 video.

Participants in webinars, if desired, will be able to participate in competitions for the creation of mobile cinema, animation, and podcasts.

Participation in all events is free. Registration required.

Webinars start at 19:00.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours