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The Public Lecture by Yury Saprykin in Yaroslavl

The Public Lecture by Yury Saprykin in Yaroslavl

Июня 2019

On June 1, a journalist, a cultural expert and the author of the "Polka" project Yury Saprykin will give a lecture in Yaroslavl “New sensitivity: what is hidden behind a new language of emotions and how to survive in the world of offended feelings”.

Everyone is talking about feelings. In this conversation, new words appear. It was just recently that we did not know that feelings could be devalued, triggered, or have empathy for them. A new language of feelings is changing the rules of communication. What seemed normal yesterday, is considered bullying and shaming today. What is behind the conversation about feelings, how it all affects the media and ethics of behavior in social networks, why our companions are increasingly hurt by the opinions of others, where the line between value judgments and harassment lies, how offended feelings become a factor in big politics, and whether all emotions are equally useful. Let's talk about it with Yury Saprykin.

Beginning of the lecture is at 5 PM.

Address: TEXTIL, Yaroslavl

Admission is free, but registration is required