Как читать медиа?

The Public Lecture by Alexandr Amzin in Saint Petersburg


Апреля 2019

On April 13, in the framework of our project “The Earth Is Flat - How to read media?”, in the Pavilion on New Holland Island in St. Petersburg, Alexander Amzin gave a lecture “What did we turn the news into”.

Alexander Amzin, media analyst, publisher of The Bell business portal, founder of Alex&Alex consulting agency and “We and Jo” media and journalism website, talked about what is happening with journalism and how media consumption has changed after the development of social networks and mobile devices. He also talked about what  the reader of the media should know and what skills he needs today.

Despite it being the weekend and just a sunny day, the lecture of Alexander Amzin gathered more than 80 people, which were mostly young people.