Как читать медиа?

The Participants of Our Workshop in Belgorod Visited the Faculty of Journalism


Апреля 2019

In November, Ekaterina Sivyakova, a coach for our project, an associate professor at the Faculty of Journalism, held a media literacy workshop for Belgorod teenagers. And at the end of March she held a tour of the journalism faculty of Moscow State University.

Our young colleagues from Belgorod came to Moscow on purpose to see how the oldest journalistic department in the country works, because they plan to come and study here. We believe that they will do — these kids are learning the basics of modern media communication in Belgorod studio “Jourfix” and did an excellent job with our tasks during the workshop. So it is very likely that Ekaterina Sivyakova will soon have training seminars for them on professional ethics. And they will attend lectures on political journalism  in the very 201 room of the journalism department, which they liked so much.

We believe in you, colleagues!