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Projects of the winners of the second multimedia media literacy contest

Projects of the winners of the second multimedia media literacy contest

Мая 2020

We publish the work of the winners of the second grant competition for the creation of multimedia products in the framework of the project "The Earth Is Flat - How to read media?". Among them are a comic book, a podcast, a video glossary, a puppet cartoon with elements of the 2D animation "Cookies".

23 applications were submitted for participation in the competition. The jury selected 7 applications and allocated mini-grants for the implementation of projects.

The artist Prokopiy Ulyashov (Syktyvkar-Moscow), who became famous after publishing a series of drawings with characters from Russian cartoons as the heroes of the series Game of Thrones, created the comic strip "How I Read Media". In it, modern students interact with the media and face problems familiar to everyone who uses the Internet. Comics are published on our site weekly.

Editor Anastasia Perkina and SMM specialist Anastasia Nikulina from Yekaterinburg recorded a documentary podcast series “Dad, turn on the modem!” In which the heroine, Masha Maltseva, talks about how she was “born” on the Internet, how blogs, bloggers, social network. The presenters track the girl’s path on the network from creating the first mailbox and first accounts on social networks to the realization of information overload and the need for a digital detox.

A teacher and video operator from Moscow, Daria Plokhova, shot a video glossary in which teens explain media terms in their own words: cyberbullying, hate speech, fake news, and others.

A 4-year student of the Faculty of Journalism of the Far Eastern Federal University and the Animation Studio (FEFU) Ekaterina Averyanova created a puppet cartoon with elements of 2D animation "Cookies". The 8-episode cartoon tells the story of the main character Failika, his mentor Papka and the comic hero Gluck. With the characters, there are various situations associated with the use of a computer and the Internet.

Moscow designer Evgenia Yakhina developed a generator of responses to insults, thanks to which the user can resist trolling without getting involved in a verbal skirmish.

A 4th-year student in the direction of “Multimedia Journalism” of the Far Eastern Federal University, the head of the Promot.mi creative group Alexei Dyba shot a social video about the repentant troll. The digital trace that he left on the network interferes with his employment and in trying to arrange his personal life.

Angelica Gubar, a student of the Far Eastern Federal University, created Screen recording video “Digital Etiquette”, which presents the correspondence of different heroes. The video teaches you how to communicate in instant messengers.

Project “The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?” held three sub-grant competitions — two competitions for creating multimedia projects and one competition for developing workshop scenarios.