Как читать медиа?

Animation premiere

Animation premiere

Апреля 2020

We are releasing five animated clips about media literacy created by director Leonid Shmelkov and the BFM studio for our project. Cartoons about digital etiquette, digital footprint, artificial intelligence, digital human rights, and the fear of missing something important on the Internet will be released from April 20 to April 24 on the project’s channel on YouTube and on social networks at 15:00. The videos will be interesting to both children and adults. They tell in an unobtrusive way how to behave on the Internet.

Animation created in 2D digital format. The scripts were prepared by Julia Krutova. Directors and animators are Leonid Shmelkov, Evgeny Fadeev, Anna Kadykova. Sound producer - Alexander Chirkov. The line producer is Taisiya Shlepneva, the project producer is Victor Fedoseyev, and the curator is Irina Khodyreva. Voiced by Vadim Medvedev.