Как читать медиа?

"We rapped about media literacy"

"We rapped about media literacy"
Diana, 7th grade, 13 years old:

I attended the workshop because of my mom, big shoutout to her. My friend Dasha also decided to come with me. We have a Vorozin music group with her. We host parties. After the workshop, we composed a rap about media literacy. I came up with the first part, and Dasha wrote the second. She knows how to choose rhymes very well. One of us comes up with the concept, the other picks up rhymes and arranges words, and that's awesome.

At the workshop, we learned how to distinguish fake news from the real ones, we shot a video, recorded a podcast. We shot a video about how people lock themselves in gadgets. Now we have new opportunities for creating podcasts and videos. We liked the workshop! As it says in our rap piece, “The team is great, and the coaches are great. Read the media and be decent! ”