Как читать медиа?

Thoughts after a lecture by Ksenia Luchenko

Thoughts after a lecture by Ksenia Luchenko
Inna @ia_18, Instagram:

Where does one draw the line between real life and online? Or is it only in our head? Did these two worlds merged into one? For a new generation, these kinds of questions are not questions at all, aren’t they?

Such thoughts spin after meeting with Ksenia Luchenko at the lecture “Teacher, student, parents: old relationships in a new environment” at @buk_library.

A conversation about the “era of new sensitivity”, where everyone can become a successful media personality or a victim of cyberbullying. And every step, word, look is likely to be recorded.
You can talk for a long time about the harmful effects of social networks, but they are just a reflection of our real life (again - the a limit!).

#TeachersAreAlsoPeople. The teaching profession has become public. As a result, issues of ethical behavior in social networks arise in a professional environment:

- Change in hierarchies. (Who is more authoritative on the Internet: teacher or student? At first glance, the question is rhetorical. Practice shows the opposite.)
- Distance between teacher and student. (Do we always keep it? The horizontal hierarchy on the network does not make us equals.)
- Transparency of privacy. (What can be posted on social media and what is taboo for the teacher? Everyone decides for himself.)
- The need for “Internet management” (How to manage your life on the network so that it’s “not painful” over the years?)
The modern teacher has a new responsibility: chatting on WhatsApp.

There can be at least 3 in each class:
- between parents and the class teacher
- just parents
- offended parents

 Plus groups on social networks, for example, VKontakte, and a mandatory electronic diary / journal. Society wants to make the teacher responsible for a lot. But will he find enough strength?!
I think that such a dialogue in the professional pedagogical community is long overdue. What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

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