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"The theme of fake news is more relevant than ever"

"The theme of fake news is more relevant than ever"
Olesya Butolina, a student of the Master's Degree in International Journalism at TSU, listened to Vasily Gatov's video lecture "Problems of Post-Truth" and took part in the discussion. The event was held in the TSU Scientific Library.

Feedback from Olesya:

I heard about the lecture from our course curator. I am interested in the topic of fake news because it is more relevant than ever. Unfortunately, today fake news comes to us from a variety of sources - be it state TV channels or the Internet, which provides a lot of unverified information.

As for the format of the lecture, we haven't had such formats yet. I liked that the speaker was not asked any questions, it was a monologue. I liked that there were links on the screen, text materials that could be read at the same time. It's really a multimedia format. And the duration is quite convenient. The discussion afterwards was an opportunity to discuss what you misunderstood.