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“Teachers are a very grateful audience”

“Teachers are a very grateful audience”
Dmitry Shilov, director of development of the school newspaper Peremena-Perm, lecturer in journalism courses:

I am glad that I can use the information that I learned at your events, in the classroom with students. I can verify the facts and have long identified a media field that is comfortable for me. But, unfortunately, children are not thinking about this so seriously. There are guys who can verify information, there are those who do not want to do this. If we talk about the fact that children are born with phones and grow up with them, then let it become as comfortable as possible for them. We can give them tools, our vision. We cannot limit them. But we can teach them to determine what is good and what is bad. If this succeeds, it will be best that the teacher can do for the child.

I am grateful to the organizers of this project because the idea itself — to travel around Russia, to work in different regions — is excellent. Teachers are a very grateful audience. Firstly, this is far from the highest paid profession. Secondly, this is far from the most grateful profession. When such events are held, teachers come on their own initiative. Someone, perhaps, postponed the lessons, someone canceled personal files, someone did not sleep. But I’m sure that no one regretted coming to your training. This was now felt by the responses, by reactions, by participation in the final discussion. This is insanely valuable. It would be great to come up with a technology that would first teach us, interested people, then we would broadcast these ideas further. I think this may lead to some kind of system change. The bottom-up initiative is what works. And it is necessary to promote and develop it.