Как читать медиа?

"Our friend faced cyberbullying"

"Our friend faced cyberbullying"
Egor Nechaev, 11th grade, Cadet boarding school "Andrey Pervozvanny Kadetsky Marine Corps"

 We have a cadet information center where we are engaged in journalism, newspaper production and video production. We worked with news topics. But today we had to work with the topic of media literacy for the first time.

I liked the friendly atmosphere of the workshop - everyone helped each other - the knowledge we gained, the professionals who came to us.

The topics of particular interest were "Data Verification" and "Cyberbullying". Our friend experiences cyberbullying firsthand. We supported him as much as we could and gave him advice similar to the one we talked about at the workshop. I think the support helped him because he didn't lock himself up. He knew that he had friends anyway. Eventually, he stopped being bullied, and we are still friends.