Как читать медиа?

"Now I know, how to create a podcast"

"Now I know, how to create a podcast"
Catherine, 15 years old:

I’m participating in the children's volunteer organization at our school - "New Generation". The curator left us a post about the workshop. I responded. At the workshop, I learned about the concept of "media literacy", how to distinguish between photofake and real photography, how to distinguish between real news and fake. It were very good lectures.

I’ve learned to improvise quickly on camera and during recording podcasts. I’ve learned what a podcast is and I found it very easy to make. I had thoughts about podcasts, but I gave them up. Now I realized it was just laziness. I didn't know how to record a podcast, but now I know and am going to do it. I'm writing stories and I'd like to write them down in a small collection.

It was difficult to mount audio: cut, insert, listen to your voice many times, especially when the deadline was tightened. So for me it was the most stressful situation in these three days.

The whole workshop was very bright and memorable. I’ve learned very important lessons from here. I thought it would be a regular training session: you come and listen to the usual nonsense. But this was not the case. I am very glad that I‘ve brought a lot of different knowledge, which I can apply in practice.