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"Modern technology isn't dangerous"

"Modern technology isn't dangerous"
Nastya, 19 years old, Department of Russian Philology, audience member of Andrei Sebrant's video lecture "Artificial Intelligence".

"I came to the lecture because I am interested in the field of media, because in a broad sense the profession of the philologist is connected with the texts and an information. Perhaps I will later work in journalism.

At the lecture Andrei Sebrant spoke about technophobic attitudes. I agree with him that modern technologies do not pose a threat. There is a book, The Atlas of Future Professions, which shows that many professions,
including the profession of classical philologist, teacher and journalist, will disappear. I don't think so. I think all of these specialists should work in conjunction with technology.

Like any student, I have basic knowledge of neural networks, etc. Today I have learned much more.
I think such lectures should be held in other universities. But they will be more appealing to journalism students and philologists.