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"Look, we did it!"

"Look, we did it!"
Valuyskyh Valeria, 16 years old, Barnaul, Altay:

Our shift was "Summer Art Village", where we were engaged in creativity. We were told about the workshop of your project and asked who wants to participate. Hands were raised by everyone. But, unfortunately, it turned out that only a limited number of people can participate in the workshop. A whole line lined up. At first I did not manage to sign up. And then I was lucky.

I was interested in both theoretical part regarding information and the practical one. Given that we are now going to 11th grade, we need to work a lot with information to prepare for exams. Material about Wikipedia was especially useful.

For our video we chose the topic "Information Trail" and linked it to the topic of cybersecurity. We woke up an hour before the ascent to come up with what to shoot, we had a real brainstorm.

The girls drew animations, and I organized the work. I have organizational experience, because I am a senior adviser in the detachment, so the girls invited me to the team.

We do not use telephones in the camp, they give us them for an hour to call home. But we don’t need them, because we don’t have time for this, we have a lot of different interesting activities. Therefore, when we were given phones today, we did not waste time, we just downloaded the application.

We are delighted with the process and the result. They didn’t even know that you could do such things with your phone! During lunch, the counselors showed our work: "Look, we did it!". Perhaps at the end of the shift we will do something similar for the camp, because it is creative and unusual.