Как читать медиа?

"I was outraged: "How so ?!"

"I was outraged: "How so ?!"
Olya Kundryukova, Grade 11 (Rostov Region, Konstantinovsky District, farm Gapkin), winner of the All-Russian Historical Research Competition “Man in History. Russia - the twentieth century ":

“It was awesome. I learned a lot of new things. I realized that to distinguish reliable information from fakes is actually not that easy. You need to apply logic. But it is quite entertaining. I remember the task that the media trainer Ilya Ber gave us. We read the text, believed what was written there, and then it turned out that the text was fake. I was outraged: "How so ?!". But Ilya explained to us why there was inaccurate information there, how to check it, and answered all our questions.

The interactive format of the training was very practical: you can ask a question, you can argue, you can learn the opinion of others, etc.
I come from a small farm, only 300 people live there, but the Internet is everywhere, we are active Internet users, so why this training was really useful for me.