Как читать медиа?

"I tried not to skip a single word"

"I tried not to skip a single word"
Tatyana Evgrafova, teacher of additional education, editor of the city school newspaper "STEPS", Arkhangelsk:

The training was useful and timely. I tried not to miss a single word, made notes in my notebook in order to look through them again after some time and rethink what the speakers said. An interesting experiment is how people "read" information about you on the Internet, what kind of image you can get. The main idea is that we all now live in the digital space, the boundaries of anything private have been erased, we observe and evaluate people by their accounts and they evaluate us in the same way, the children "spy" on their teachers on the Internet ... It's hard to accept it, but it is a fact.

So how do we follow network security rules? Should we add out students as friends or not? How to communicate with the generation Z, what is the best way to cooperate with them? What to do if a child turns out to be a victim of cyberbullying? What is the best way to motivate digital children to work? Answers to these questions will definitely help when it comes to working with teenagers.