Как читать медиа?

"I shared my feelings with my mom"

"I shared my feelings with my mom"
Sophia Vanyushina, 13 years old, member of the Mediaquantum club.

We were invited to participate in the workshop by the head master. I was immediately interested. I learned a lot of new things about cyberbullying. I didn't even know that so many were bullied and blackmailed on the Internet. I shared my feelings with my mother, told her about everything I've learned.

I wrote the script and acted as director during the workshop. I worked with the cameraman Dima Kollegov before in creative camps. I was a journalist there.

We chose the topic “Gadgets: Good or Bad”, because we did a longread “Life on the Phone” in “Kvantorium”. I asked adoctor and a psychologist about how the phone affects children for that. So the topic was close to our hearts. The filming went great!