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"I especiallly liked the lecture about Generation Z"

"I especiallly liked the lecture about Generation Z"
Maria Uryadova, teacher training participant in Tomsk:

I liked the training. It was informative. I was particularly interested in the lecture about generation Z, as I teach its representatives, and I myself belong to this group.

It’s really important that all participants can to take part in process. Everyone can share his experience ang his thoughts about pressing problems.

I was really glad to see, that the teachers of the "old school" want to learn how to communicate with the "new" children, they are trying not to built some barricades with a pupils, but they are ready to go into contact with them. This is the most important thing in the profession of a teacher - to be modern and grow with each generation of children and teenagers, which changes the previous.

The value of the media literacy Project is much greater and more significant than it may seem, because new realities require new methods, changes and a willingness to learn something else, first and foremost from our adults side, especially teachers.