Как читать медиа?

“How to read media right?”

“How to read media right?”

Milena Sherbakova, a participant in our workshop in Belgorod and networking meetings in Moscow:

Two years ago my mom called me to visit a workshop in media literacy. At that moment I didn’t even quite realize the meaning of the word “workshop” but I decided to spend my weekend on something new.

I couldn’t even believe that it would be so cool. Speakers from Moscow (people who went so much further in their world cognition) and usual schoolchildren freely communicated with each other. We made small videos and assembled them at once. We invented fake news, made investigations, alternated serious information, and a playing format.

When I started to learn the project which the Moscow team of media trainers brought to us, I discovered that it is quite a movement #Howtoreadmedia headed by the German Goethe-Institut.

The purpose of that movement was to make people educated in the area of media, teaching media literacy to h children and adults. I’ve subscribed to all the project online publics and monitored its development with great pleasure. Such important topics as cyberbullying, fake news, fact-checking, and many other subjects were raised in a vivid form close to young people.

Those who are my subscribers for a long time could notice a cool shopper with a caption “Doing the things you don’t know how to do is the coolest thing to grow”, well it is by @howtoreadmedia 

It is namely the project “How to read media” that helped me to fulfill my mom’s idea with a series of workshops “Media Way: from a teen to a teen”, which also enjoyed their success: 15 young speakers, ~200 participants and all of about the same age)

The media education web has managed to reach different cities of Russia.
Unfortunately, the final event has been recently held in Moscow where the results of intense work were summed up. I was the youngest participant, but I was also given the floor. It was a great pleasure to see adult people participating there who understood how important it is to leave a worthy digital trace, and who are interested in studying the media space! And we understand each other well: fearing and prohibiting is useless, we should figure out and ac properly.

We returned home with a lot of emotions and now I’m sharing them with you.