Как читать медиа?

"Everyone seemed to be on the same page"

"Everyone seemed to be on the same page"
Sonya, 10th grade, „Flight“ team.

The workshop “How to read media” was very informative, enjoyable and fascinating. I learned a lot during the first few days. We took a look at what media and cyberbullying are and how to protect against it, talked about trolls on the Internet, learned how to search for information in Google, learned a lot about Wikipedia, learned the basics of filming a video and much more. The most fun began on the third day. Creating your own video film! I was anxious because I’ve never done this before.

Our team worked really hard, and we had enough material prepared. We started editing, but 30 minutes before presentation, we lost data. We panicked: “What are we gonna do? Where should we run?”. But our media trainers reassured us and told us not to worry and promised to help. And We managed. We presented our work well.  

I enjoyed the relaxed and calm atmosphere, everyone seemed to be on the same page. Time flew by. These three days were an interesting experience for me, I would definitely attend your other workshops. Thank you!