Как читать медиа?

"Everyone faces fake news"

"Everyone faces fake news"
Nastya, 16, RANEPA College, law faculty:

I am interested in self-development, so I attended the workshop. Initially I thought that over the course of three days the media trainers would only lecture us, but we learned new information, and worked on it ourselves, tested our knowledge in practice. Today we are shooting a video, and it’ll help us come closer together, because we are from different schools.

We chose the topic "Who needs fake news and why?". In any case, everyone is confronted with fake news — both on social networks and on the Internet in general. But not everyone can check them.
Today I was an actor, an editor, a scriptwriter, a costume designer, a cameraman. We worked together on our ideas.

I feel very tired today, but I loved it. Even though I didn't have a day off, I didn't regret it.