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"At the workshop, nobody treated us like children"

"At the workshop, nobody treated us like children"
Polina Oleksyuk, 15 y.o., gymnasium №24, 9 В:

My sister sent me the link with all information about this workshop in our city. She knows I’m interested in journalism and thought this could be appealing to me.

When I read the announcement of the workshop, I could not imagine that it would be this exciting. I was intrigued by the project’s team, and of course, by the fact that this project is implemented with the help of Goethe-Institut, a well-known organization. It already sets certain quality standards.

Thanks to this workshop, I think I managed to gather my thoughts and form an opinion about a lot of things. I learned the filming process a bit better. I used to film videos before. But I never paid so much detail to the overall process, taking angles and ways of transmitting information and ideas into consideration, especially in regard to a very important topic, such as cyberbullying.

I got really lucky with the team, because people I got the chance to work with turned out to be super fun, smart and wonderful.

I'd like to say a few things about our media trainers. I liked Ekaterina Sivyakova right away — she is very calm, established and thinks logically. I was happy to ask her a few questions and it was nice to get some kind of assessment, it is very motivating.

Ilya Ber is simply an amazing, energetic person, with whom, as it turned out, I have common interests, the game "What? Where? When?". He presents material in his own way, he's ready to experiment.
Video coaches, Alexander, Irina and Irina are wonderful people. They know their job and can explain it in a way that is clear. They respect the fact that we cannot immediately create a masterpiece, but we are trying really hard. Video trainers help, prompt, participate, and not just watch us, and it's great. It's motivating. Because of this, I want to do better.

Iosif Furman presents material in an exciting way and knows how to work with adolescents. In general, all media trainers are able to work with teenagers. I like that no one treats us like children. Although I often come across the fact that teenagers are not taken seriously. Non-perception of adolescents as individuals capable of thinking, and neglecting that they can contribute something to society is wrong.

There are teens who can and want to participate in society, are eager to give something fascinating and want to create something together. It is especially pleasant when they reckon with us here at the workshop.