Как читать медиа?

“We've got a nice podcast”

 “We've got a nice podcast”
At the end of last year, Anastasia Nikulina and I took some time to do a website project, based on great enthusiasm and life without sleep and days off, I guess.  We got a nice podcast about a girl who was “born” on the Internet: we recall the first (shameful) emails (what was your first one, by the way? First and last name, or something ridiculous?). We talk about how to react when he is "online and does not write" or "was online 1 minute ago." The finale is my favorite part: this is a big conversation with Polina Kolozaridi that there is no Internet addiction, about Dzhigurda and Volochkova, and how we transfer patterns from offline communication to online. Nastya says that we did a good job, and everything is normal, but I worry and I think that everything is bad — you can judge for yourself, by listening here*.

Podcast “Dad, turn on the modem!” was recorded with the support of The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media? They gave us a grant, and we did everything accordingly. Thank you very much, dear colleagues!

*Podcast is in Russian.