Как читать медиа?

The rules of media literacy from Lyova

The rules of media literacy from Lyova
Lyova, 13 years old:

Mom sent me a link to the workshop via VK. She said it might be interesting. My classmate Ksyusha was also going to take part in it, and I decided to come along. I wondered how to increase my media literacy in order to communicate better on the Internet. This is what I learned.

First of all, you need to learn how to argue on the Internet – there are even books that are written about this. Secondly, you need to understand where you go online, and what you are going to do there.

You shouldn’t treat Wikipedia as a resource for 100% confirmed truth, although it is updated with better regularity that most sites. But some of the published information is false. It is advisable to read articles where there is no dash on top that says "requires edits".

There’s no need to repost everything on social media. Some of these stories may be fakes.
In case of cyberbullying, if you are a minor or not old enough to cope with this on your own, you need to tell adults about it. But in general, it’s always better to mirror it back and maintain a positive attitude when trying to cope with cyberbullying. Don’t enter any disputes, don’t fall down to the aggressor’s level and don’t lose your temper.