Как читать медиа?

“Media literacy trainings are necessary for all the schools”

 “Media literacy trainings are necessary for all the schools”

Semen Sinelschikov, history and social science teacher of school No. 1306, Moscow:

I derived benefit from the material on how to work with different generations and I was interested in the cases which we studied, I wanted to learn from my colleagues’ experience.

I also liked the task — to find the information on some person on the internet. It is familiar to me. I often check phone numbers, including via Sberbank Online. I try to find out as much information about a person who called me as possible. I consider it generally essential and children have to be taught in it.

The lecture about Wikipedia delivered within the training was a discovery for me. At institutes we were strictly prohibited to use this resource, we were told that the sources there were unreliable. If somebody was noticed to use the Wikipedia source in his course or graduation work, he was criticized and made to redo all. But Ilya Ber represented Wikipedia in a different light for us.

Such trainings in media literacy are mandatory for all schools. The only thing is that I would like to have more interactive sessions.