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"Teenagers can and must change the world"

"Teenagers can and must change the world"
Transcribing a podcast created by teenagers at a workshop in Arkhangelsk.

- Hi, everybody! We are the participants of the media literacy training held in Arkhangelsk. Today we would like to share our opinion about Greta Tunberg and discuss the role of teenagers in modern society.

- Hello, I have an ambiguous attitude towards Greta Tuncberg. Her ideas should be listened to all over the world — and especially here in Russia, with our environmental situation. But I don't like Greta herself very much.

- In fact, I know very little about Greta Tunberg. But if I make a conclusion from the information I have, I like Greta as a character. I guess that the ideas she is trying to convey to the masses are certainly important and necessary for our world. Because the problem of ecology is very acute nowadays, and I think that all people need to think about it and try to change the situation. As for Greta Tunberg herself, I like this 16-year-old schoolgirl as a person.

- I treat her as a character positively because she carries the right things into the masses. And people have to listen to her in order to correct at least the environmental situation. But sometimes hype around her can be annoying, because all you can hear is “Greta, Greta, Greta, Greta!”, and it’s everywhere. In general, she is a positive character, and we should pay attention to what she’s saying.

- The fact that teenagers influence so many areas of life right now is simply a global trend. Thanks to their opinion, some new projects are taking place. They put forward their social position, which they carry in their blogs, etc. If we are talking about Russia, the situation here is a little worse in the sense that it is very difficult for our politicians and our public figures to accept that the younger generation has its own opinion on this or that account, their own public position. But I hope that soon our teenagers will be paid attention to what they do and say.

- I believe that teenagers can and should change the world because they are, in fact, the future of the planet. They already have their own opinion, and I think their opinion should be credible regardless of the authorities.

*This podcast is in Russian

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