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How to protect yourself from cyberbullying

How to protect yourself from cyberbullying
How to protect yourself from cyberbullying? Irina Lukyanova, an expert and coach of our project, a writer, journalist and teacher, author of creative writing courses for teenagers and adults, specially developed step-by-step instructions for us. Save and share with your friends!

What to do if you encounter cyberbullying?

1. Write a private message in PM to the offenders (keep it calm, without cursing): “I see what you’re doing, and it is called cyberbullying.”

2. If you know who they are, then you should deanonymize them on the Internet, so that the bullying doesn’t go unpunished and anonymous.

3. Don’t react when you are called names. Just say, “You can call me a *****, if you want to, but it doesn’t make you better and doesn’t make me worse.” A bully relies on an emotional reaction, so there’s no need to perform for them and give them the satisfaction.

4. Do not be afraid and do not hide the fact that you are bullied, do not be silent about it. It’s not a shame to be a victim of cyberbullying. It is important that others know what is happening.

5. Tell friends and family members. Find support and allies.

6. Ban offenders online and report a problem to a social media support system. This is not squealing, but sanitation and hygiene.

7. Single offensive comments should be ignored. Don’t be upset, don’t start a fight, because the authors of such comments are not interested in your objections.

8. When trolls appear, just log off. Don’t get involved in such conversations.

9. Keep records and screenshots.

10. Spend more time in real life, so that problems in virtual life do not become your only reality.

11. Switch to a private account, and allows commenting only to friends.

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