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We participate in the "Network September" conference

We participate in the "Network September" conference

September 2020

Our project's media trainers Ekaterina Sivyakova and Ilya Ber will take part in the annual Network September conference on innovations and technologies in the public sector. This year the organizer of the event is the project "Greenhouse of Social Technologies" in partnership with the Goethe Institute in Moscow.

On 3 September at 8 p.m., Ekaterina Sivyakova, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University, will hold a debate entitled "Regulating algorithms for the common good: pros and cons". The participants will discuss what ethical norms and legal criteria should exist to regulate intellectual systems. The debate will be attended by NGO representatives, experts and journalists. The outcome of the debate will be determined by the audience through online voting.

On 4 September at 10.45 a.m., Ilya Ber, a lecturer at the Russian Academy of Sciences and Civil Engineering, a TV presenter and a publicist, will organise an online workshop entitled "How algorithms affect the quality of information we receive online".

Ilya Ber will help find the best strategy for using information algorithms for the benefit, not the detriment. The forced transition of a significant part of life to online has caused a wave of fear of digitalisation, computer algorithms and artificial intelligence. Many people are afraid that soulless machines control their interests, communication, needs and expenses. The media expert will tell you if this is the case and explain where reality is and where the worries are empty.

The conference will include an algorithm (a music set created by artificial intelligence), discussion panels, masterclasses and lectures with the participation of international experts.

The Programm 

You can receive an invitation to watch the broadcast and discuss the event by clicking on the link.