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Screening of the film "Hi, AI"

Screening of the film "Hi, AI"

May 2021

On 15 May, during the Night of Museums, the Educational Centre of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art hosted a screening of the documentary film "Hi, AI" by German director Iza Willinger. The film was presented by Mikhail Ratgauz, film critic and deputy editor-in-chief of "Colta", a partner of the project "The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?"

Iza Willinger has spent three years researching laboratories that are developing artificial intelligence. She visited homes, hotels and offices where humanoid robots are already living with humans. The film focuses on an object that is approaching us at all speeds and is highly likely to be at extreme closeness: by our beds, under our Christmas trees, at our plate of soup. Humanoid robots will not be unified and will have the shape we choose to give them. The cold labs of artificial intelligence become factories for the production of packaged warmth. Scientists work hard to make sure the experiment runs smoothly: love is reciprocated, old age is not alone.

A discussion with the director at Zoom followed the screening of the film. Iza Willinger thanked the audience for their interesting questions.