How to read media?

Public Lecture by Nadezhda Papudoglo in Perm

Public Lecture by Nadezhda Papudoglo in Perm

February 2020

On February 28, in Perm, within the framework of the project "The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?", Nadezhda Padudoglo, editor-in-chief of the "Mel" internet-portal, gave a lecture "This is not your picture of the world: what affects our perception of media".
Nadezhda spoke about the transformation of media and the transformation of its perception. If it used to be difficult to get information, now it is easy to drown in it. The news picture of an ordinary user is composed of many factors and depends, among others, on friends in social networks, search queries, news aggregators, personal interests. Any media platform can dictate its agenda, so it is important to think critically and verify the information.