How to read media?

Public lecture by Irina Kaliteevskaya in Kaliningrad

Public lecture by Irina Kaliteevskaya in Kaliningrad

September 2019

On September 20, Kaliningrad will host a public lecture "How does the podcast differ from other media?".The lecture will be given by Irina Kaliteevskaya, an editor-in-chief of the Radio Arzamas project created by the famous Arzamas educational portal, a historian, a journalist, a curator of TEDxMoscow, an author and an editor of Esquire Russia,, Big City.

Why are podcasts so popular? What is the difference between the perception of a story told through audio and video or written text? Why are radio and podcasts not exactly the same thing?

We invite everyone who is interested in this topical network genre to the art platform "Vorota" on September 20 (Kaliningrad, Litovskiy Val, 61).

The beginning of the lecture is at 7 PM.

Entrance is free, but registration is required.