How to read media?

Lecture by Irina Lukyanova in Vladivostok

Lecture by Irina Lukyanova in Vladivostok

August 2021

at 19:00

The new ethic is not a newspaper story about an actress in Hollywood accusing a director of long-standing harassment. It is something that happens to all of us today and affects our work, our children's school reading lists, our choice of holiday destinations and even the shop for our daily grocery shopping. How to survive in a world of hurt feelings without sacrificing beliefs and putting your job, welfare, business, or even your freedom at risk? Irina Lukyanova's lecture "In a world of hurt feelings: how buying bread becomes an ethical dilemma", which will be held on 25 August at the Library "Buk", offers an insight into this issue.

Irina Lukyanova is a writer, teacher and journalist. A correspondent for Novaya Gazeta and a teacher of literature at the school ''Intellectual''. Author of creative writing courses for teenagers and adults at Creative Writing School, author of several books, and speaker on seminars on teaching and educating children and teenagers for parents and teachers.

"The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?" — is a collaborative project of the Goethe-Institut in Moscow and the portal The project, aimed at raising the level of media literacy and developing critical thinking, includes public lectures, workshops for teenagers, and training sessions for teachers and students. "The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?" team comes to Vladivostok for the second time.

Date: 25 August. Commencement at 7 p.m.

Free entry, registration is compulsory, places are limited.

The event will be held by the health and sanitary regulations.