How to read media?

Alexandra Arkhipova’s Public Lecture in Novosibirsk


March 2019

On March 15, in the framework of our project “The Earth Is Flat - How to read media?”, a lecture by anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova “Why do we spread fake news around?” was held at the "Pobeda" Center in Novosibirsk.

Alexandra Arkhipova is an anthropologist, candidate of philological sciences, senior researcher at the Laboratory for Theoretical Folklore at the School of Actual Humanitarian Studies of the Institute of Social Sciences of the RANEPA, associate professor at the Center for Typology and Semiotics of Folklore of the RSUH - shaped her lecture as an interactive conversation with students, offering them specific examples to determine what news can be considered fake and explaining what it is in the structure and presentation of such messages causing the audience to share them more readily than ordinary news.

The audience took an active part in the discussion and offered to analyze their examples of fake messages on various topics.