How to read media?

Who Came up with It?

“The Earth is Flat — How to Read Media?” — is a joint educational project of the Goethe-Institut in Russia and the portal COLTA.RU with support from the European Union.

GOETHE-INSTITUT was established in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1951 to popularize the German language and develop international cooperation in the field of education and culture and is named after the great German poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe-Institut's offices operate in 98 countries of the world – in Russia, they are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

COLTA.RU is the first independent portal on culture and society on the Russian-speaking Internet that is funded by readers. Created in 2012 by journalists of the intellectual online publication The portal COLTA.RU publishes daily news on modern culture and analytical articles by the best Russian and foreign authors on current issues in literature, music, cinema, theater, media, visual arts, education and science.

EUROPEAN UNION is the international supranational organization which was created in 1957 and now unites more than half (28) of European countries on the principles of a common market, transparency of borders, freedom of movement for people and resources. The European Union is an independent subject of international law, has its own governing bodies and supports educational and cultural initiatives that promote the development of democracy, regional integration, and intercultural understanding.

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