How to read media?

What Is It?

The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?" is a project that aims to increase media literacy, critical thinking and awareness of media consumption.

Post-truth, fakes, deepfakes and rules of information verification, digital ethics and psychological features of online communications, digital etiquette and interaction with algorithms, data security, technology forecasts and transhumanism, the transformation of journalism and the media market - all this falls within the competence of our experts, theorists and practitioners.

We provide training for different audiences - schoolchildren aged 12-17, teacher and media students, school teachers and university lecturers. Almost two dozen Russian cities have already hosted the "How to Read Media?" project team, with 20 more to come.

In addition to training programmes, we produce content and promote media literacy. In the formats of comics, podcasts, educational and discussion videos, documentaries and animated films, we ask questions about what is happening to people in an ever-changing and mediatized world here and now, and we work with our audiences to find answers to these questions.

Experts from different areas work with us: journalists and media managers, media theorists, educators and teachers, animation artists and comic book authors, bloggers and filmmakers.

The project is implemented by the Goethe-Institut in Moscow and COLTA.RU is co-funded by the European Union.