How to read media?

What Is It?

β€œThe Earth is Flat – How to Read Media?” is an educational project for active media users. Goethe-Institut Moscow and the portal COLTA.RU are implementing this project with support from the European Union.

Social media, messengers, blogs and ads are all types of media as well as TV, radio, print press and online mass media. We are basically surrounded by media 24/7. We can read, but can we really understand the media?

The goal of our project is to share the knowledge of navigating the modern media landscape, distinguishing facts from fiction and taking everything the media have to offer with a grain of salt. It is also about personal account and data protection, online debate ethics, dealing with trolls and cyberbullying.

As part of the project, we will hold series of workshops for school children, online lectures and seminars course for humanities students and a number of open public events for everyone interested in the media in 15 regions across Russia.

Media theorists and practitioners, journalists, teachers, artists, bloggers, and directors are all taking part in the project, sharing the knowledge of how the modern media work and how to create media content yourself.

We will rely on both Russian and foreign media training expertise and will develop new methods of raising media literacy awareness.