How to read media?

"The workshop exceeded my expectations"

"The workshop exceeded my expectations"
Olesya Ilyushina, 16 years old, grade 9.

Our teacher suggested I participate in this media workshop. I agreed because I was interested. I always try to participate everywhere, because I believe that the more experience a person gets, the more he will be able to succeed in the future. I got an art school diploma. But I haven’t made up my mind about my future profession: I like creating and fine arts, and also literature really interests me.

I had no idea what the workshop would be like. I just dived into the unknown. But the workshop exceeded my expectations. I liked the whole process, since everything was so clear and I didn’t have a headache, which is usually the case at school from information overload, and I didn’t feel fatigued either. I remember the story about Wikipedia. I used to use this resource, but then I thought that it was narrow and crumpled. And now I understand how to use it, what traps there can be, and what it can give.

The most difficult thing was to choose an idea for the video for the team. At first we did not listen to each other. When we told the teachers about our ideas and finally listened to each other, it turned out that the boy, who remained quiet on the sidelines, came up with the most interesting idea for the video. We decided to vote for ideas and let the best one win, and we chose the idea of this boy.

In the evening at home, I created a storyboard and understood how we should film everything, what I want to convey. So I sent my team my storyboard and tried to lead them in the right direction. I hope everything worked out well.