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"The drone workshop is just bombastic!"

"The drone workshop is just bombastic!"
Nikita Chursin, 15, Kemerovo:

Journalism is my hobby. I'm fascinated by the media, I've been involved in it since the 5th class. I joined the workshop because I wanted a new experience. I enjoyed the discussion platform, the interesting assignments, and getting more involved with the other participants. I was interested in discussing cyberbullying. I used to prepare a project on this topic. Now I've consolidated my knowledge.

I particularly remember the drone workshop. It was just bombastic! It was the first time I had been to such a workshop: they both showed us the product and filmed us. When a drone hovers over your head, you're like, wow! I want to learn how to shoot with a drone, I'll look for opportunities and options. The guys and I also drew a comic strip — it came out pretty cool, I didn't expect it.