How to read media?

"The internet remembers everything"

 "The internet remembers everything"

Evgeniya Batalova, Head of the Media Centre at the Nationwide children's camp “Ocean”:

I attended your workshop for the first time in 2019. I really liked that the speakers make references to interesting examples from the media environment. This time at the training, together with my colleagues from the media centre, the content department and the Istok youth group, we discussed the image of a teacher in social media. It was very interesting dialogue. Firstly, unfortunately, we rarely communicate with our colleagues outside the workplace and children's activities. The impact of the pandemic also took its toll. Secondly, we liked the analysis of our interaction. 

We are confronted with communication online every day, so there is a lot of application of the knowledge gained. The trainers of the project "The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?" shared important information on how to respond to aggressive behaviour online. Unfortunately, cyberbullying is faced by school children and teachers alike... 

I wouldn't say that I actively run my social networks. In 2017, I had a problem with getting negative comments from colleagues on a regular profile picture with a friend, saying "We work here all day while you're out there on holiday". It was unpleasant. It then changed my attitude to what I post, always wary now: what will people think? It must be silly to think for all people. On the other hand, it has taught me in time to analyse 100 times what to put online. A digital footprint stays forever, the internet remembers everything.

Of course, if basic precautions are taken — setting secure passwords, verifying profile privacy settings — the probability of negative consequences can be greatly reduced. 

For me personally, the block about fake news was particularly important. I hold lectures on media literacy for Oceanians as part of my educational programmes. The new information will be useful when compiling the class. 

Thank you for your work! We look forward to working with you as part of the media shifts at the Nationwide children's camp “Ocean”