the earth is flat как читать медиа
the project is about increasing the level of media literacy, developing critical thinking and conscious attitude to media consumption
Post-truth / fakes / deepfakes / rules of information verification / digital ethics / psychological features of online communications / digital etiquette / interaction with algorithms / data security / forecasts of technology development / transhumanism / transformations of journalism
In addition to training programs, we are engaged in the production of content and promotion of media literacy ideas. In the formats of comics, podcasts, educational and discussion videos, documentaries and animated films, we ask questions about what is happening to people in the constantly changing and mediatized world here and now, and together with our audience we are looking for answers to these questions.
Experts from different fields cooperate with us: journalists and media managers, practitioners, media theorists, teachers and teachers, animators and comic book authors, bloggers and directors.
The Earth Is Flat - How to read media? - a joint project of the Goethe Institute in Moscow and the COLTA portal.RU, implemented with the support of the European Union