How to read media?

Public Lecture of Nadezhda Papudoglo in Perm

Public Lecture of Nadezhda Papudoglo in Perm

February 2020

at 19:00

On February 28 in Perm within the framework of the project "The Earth Is Flat - How to Read Media?" Nadezhda Padudoglo will give a lecture „This is not your agenda: what affects our perception of the media“.
Where do we get the information from? How exactly is the news agenda formed today? What algorithms affect us on a daily basis? And how does this change our view of the world?
Nadezhda Papudoglo, an editor-in-chief of the educational portal "Mel" and an author of the books "#youareamother. Motherhood by rules and without", "#youareamother. The squirrel is in the wheel", previously worked as editor-in-chief of the news site at the news agency "Interfax" and executive editor of RBC.
The lecture will be held at the Center for Urban Culture at 15 Pushkin Street. The beginning of the lecture is at 19 PM. Admission is free, but registration is required.