How to read media?



Impressions by a participant of our workshop in Belgorod

Angelina Kazik, post on Instagram:

aangelinakazik All last weekend and Friday I spent at a super cool journalism seminar #howtoreadmedia @howtoreadmedia It lasted three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and was conducted by teachers from @goethe_institut_moskau

Day One
We carried out an exercise to train the skill of finding information about a person on the Internet, and plus we all met each other this way. Teachers told us what media is, we analyzed each type of media, by pros and cons, they explained to us what media literacy is, how to be a media literate person and what it is for. In total, this exercise lasted 4 hours. There was also a lecture about online dangers, how to avoid them and how to correctly react, if you face them :)

Day Two
For the first half of the training (from 10 a.m. until lunch time) we listened to lectures on fakes and search engines. We learned a lot of interesting and surprising stuff about Wikipedia :). And the second half (till 5 p.m.) we learned the basics of filming movies and videos. As well as some important things required for that. At the end of the session we were divided into groups and decided what we were going to shoot and made up a short script. We were given several topics to choose from, related to the material covered.

Day Three
This day was the most interesting. Before lunch, we were engaged in the video shooting. And after lunch we did the editing. It was the most difficult part, because the program was constantly down and we struggled to save anything :) But we found a way out and did it! In the end, we were given certificates confirming that we passed the training. It was the most productive weekend, I am very happy that I had such an opportunity. Thank you @jurfix_club_belgorod and @howtoreadmedia